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Cradle Knoll Farm

Meat and Eggs

            We will be producing beef, pork, and poultry for sale this year. Our beef will be grass-fed, and will be sold by the quarter, half, or whole. Our pork will be raised on grain and excess milk, and will be sold by the half or whole. Beef and pork will mostly be available in the fall. The broiler chickens are a Cornish-rock cross, which will be raised in a portable pen, rotated on grass pasture, with a grain supplement. They weigh an average of four pounds, and will be available from mid-summer through fall.

          Our laying flock is free range, with a grain supplement. We have a limited supply of brown eggs, which will be sold on a first come basis

           Please contact us regarding current pricing, if you would like to reserve some meat, or have any questions.

Cradle Knoll Farm

1515 Strong Road

Bliss Michigan

(Levering, MI 49755)