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Cradle Knoll Farm

            A cradle knoll is formed when a large tree tips over. It leaves a knoll, when the roots rot and a cradle where the roots were growing. The lazy lumberjacks used to hide in them and take naps. When we started farming this land, it was covered with cradle knolls. We leveled these and now have it seeded to alfalfa, clover, and grass pasture which we rotate our cows on.

            We are the 3rd and 4th generations to run the farm. We are still getting advice from the 2nd generation, and beginning to get questions from the 5th generation.

            For ten years we produced grade A milk for Michigan Milk Producers Association. In the fall of 2009, another Bliss dairy operation, and us were shut down by our milk hauler, because we were too far from the nearest dairy. MMPA guarantees to market your milk but they don’t guarantee to pick it up.

            We decided to start a herd share program at the recommendation of the Michigan State Product Development Center. The state of Michigan will not certify a farm as grade A, unless you are selling to a milk processor. We are using the same practices while milking, but we will let you be our inspector.

            All members are given a tour of the facilities before they join, and we encourage you to bring children during milking time, or to check out the other animals on the farm. We also encourage carpooling to save money. We have had interest from several areas in setting up carpools including Alanson, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Harbor Springs, Indian River, Petoskey, Traverse City, and Wolverine. If you are interested in sharing pickup, we will try to match you up with someone from your area. Some groups have already formed.

          We have had a growing concern from our members, over the use of genetically modified grain. We purchase as much of our grain as possible from local farmers. We have been trying to use non- GMO grains as much as possible, such as, barley, oats, and wheat. We have not been able to  find a local supplier of non- GMO corn, so this year we are  planting some old style, open- pollinated corn, on our farm.

         Cradle Knoll Farm has also diversified into eggs, meat, and produce.  If there is a type of meat or produce, you would like to purchase, that we don’t have listed, contact us and we may be able to raise them for you. Click on your area of interest for more information. Be sure to check out Day Old Bread, it’s kind of our farm motto. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Cradle Knoll Farm

1515 Strong Road

Bliss Michigan

(Levering, MI 49755)